Clone Trooper

Clone troopers were highly trained soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic, the armed forces of the Galactic Republic.

Imperial Officer

The officer was a high class soldier within the Empire’s military who provided a commanding presence among the legions of stormtroopers that were deployed to fight the Emperor’s enemies.

Grand Moff Tarkin

An ambitious, ruthless proponent of military power. Shortly after the Empire’s creation, Tarkin was put in charge of the construction of the Death Star. He demonstrated the Death Star’s power by destroying Alderaan.

TIE Pilot

TIE pilots served in the Starfighter Corps of the Imperial Navy by piloting the various TIE Series starfighters.


Stormtroopers are fanatically loyal to the Empire and impossible to sway from the Imperial cause. Stormtroopers wield blaster rifles and pistols with great skill, and attack in hordes to overwhelm their enemies.

Scout Trooper

Scout troopers were lightly armored compared with other stormtroopers. They were also trained for more independence and adaptability than most Imperial troops.


Stormtroopers dispatched to desert worlds wear specialized gear and are nicknamed sandtroopers.

Emperor Palpatine

Scheming, powerful, and evil to the core, Darth Sidious restored the Sith and destroyed the Jedi Order.

Imperial Royal Guard

Resplendent in crimson robes and armor, the Imperial Royal Guard protected the Emperor. Secrecy shrouded the Guard, with rumors abounding about the sentinels’ backgrounds and combat capabilities.

Darth Vader

Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the Empire’s eradication of the Jedi Order.