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It is not Mind Mulch for The Masses intention, and never will be, to infringe on the copyright of the owners of any of the materials used to produce the software available from this website.

All software available for download from this website was produced using Unity 3D, Personal Edition. Executables, EXE, APP & APK,¬† contained in the program folders were rendered exclusively using Unity’s build process. The program folders were then Zipped using 7-Zip for easy delivery and the Zipped files containing the software are kept on Mediafire servers for fast downloads. None of the available software ¬†connects to the internet for any reason what so ever, does not contain any malware or pertain to advertisements in any way. All software was produced exclusively by Mind Mulch for The Masses. The software available from this website is free to download and is for personal use and educational purposes only.